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G'day! I am Matthew Storer, an award-winning landscape and night photographer from outback South Australia.

The last decade has seen me travel and photograph 100+ countries around the world, I have now turned my passion for photography to help educate and inspire other photographers, to capture images of the world, the way they see it!

Like many of you, I love photography and creating unique adventure videos on my YouTube channel during my spare time. There are expensive costings involved in producing this content, including fuel for travelling considerable distances, accommodation, parks fees, and the time associated with filming and editing these stories.

If you enjoy my free content and would like to support my work, by helping to cover costs of production of these videos please consider supporting me in the following ways.



G'day! I'm Matthew, a born and raised Aussie from country SA. For the past decade, I've been chasing my dream - travelling, photographing and documenting the world through my eyes.

I have spent the previous 20 years behind a camera, capturing my love for travel. Through that incredible journey, I document my entire journey of exploring this world's beauty through my YouTube Channel. It's pretty safe to say this passion for "photography" has completely changed my life!

One hundred countries and a decade on the road later, Matthew's finally returned home to the motherland, Australia. After spending the last three years living in Slovenia, exploring the stunning Alps and endless rivers offered by that beautiful country, it's time to change things up... the desert!

My photography passion truly lies in the great outdoors, capturing the breathtaking nature surrounded by the extreme elements. To me, there is something about the thrill of the chase when it comes to photography - "enjoy the journey, not the destination!"

With hours, days and years spent chasing the 'perfect' images, I have grasped the greatest passion for AerialLandscape and Night Sky photography. We all have those memories where a single moment can spark and reconnect us to a particular memory, moment or special time in our lives. I am just lucky enough to capture those moments and freeze them in time!



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